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Welcome to the Gothic 2 Online forum. It is very important to us that visits to our forum are a pleasant experience for everyone, the basis of which is mutual respect between users. This list of rules regulates many aspects of using the forum, and knowledge of it is necessary to be able to use it freely, so please read it before taking any action.


1. General Provisions
(General information about the obligation to comply with the forum regulations)

1.1 • These regulations apply to every user of the website https://forum.gothic-online.com.pl/

  • 1.1a All users are bound by the terms and conditions.
  • 1.1b ▫ Repercussions in the event of failure to comply with the applicable rules will be the same for all users.
  • 1.1c ▫ Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from the obligation to comply with them, nor does it reduce penalties in the event of its violation.

1.2 • Each user registering on the website https://gothic-online.com.pl/forum/ automatically accepts the provisions of the regulations in force there.

1.3 • These regulations are the property of the website https://gothic-online.com.pl/forum/.

  • 1.3a ▫ The administration reserves the right to change the content of the regulations at any time.
  • 1.3b ▫ The administration is not obliged to inform users of any changes to the content of the regulations.

1.4 • Each user is obliged to read the content of additional regulations in force in specific sections (if there are any) before creating a new thread in them, because they contain templates that should be followed when writing a new topic.

1.5 • It is forbidden to copy and distribute these regulations on websites other than https://gothic-online.com.pl/forum/.

1.6 • It is forbidden to copy and distribute the content of the website https://gothic-online.com.pl/forum/ on other websites.

1.7 • Penalties for non-compliance with the regulations are assigned by the team based on the applicable penalty system.

1.8 The autor sharing resources on websites devoted to programming resources or other must take into account the loss of right to a given entity and the possibility of using the given entity for advertising purposes or guides by the Gothic 2 Online Team. If the creator of the page is not the author of the subject, he must take into account the consequences of sharing the subject.

  • 1.7a ▫ The penalty system is detailed in point six.


2. Illegal Content
(Applies to posts, topic titles, user names and titles, avatars, and signatures, among others)

2.1 • On the forum it is forbidden to post content that violates the rules of netiquette, that is, content:

  • 2.1a ▫ Pornographic or in any way related to pornography, as well as other obscene content intended for reception only by adults.
  • 2.1b ▫ Violent, portraying violence and inciting violence.
  • 2.1c ▫ Common vulgar words, including common profanity in a censored form, including by asterisks, twisting the letters or written in such a way that they are read as profanity, for example using the phonetics of the English language.
  • 2.1d ▫ Offending forum users, Administration or other persons, for example public figures.
  • 2.1e ▫ Containing real-life threats. This also applies to profanity used in censored form and quotes containing vulgar or offensive words - especially from other posts, messages from the game or instant messaging.
  • 2.1f ▫ Appealing to racial, religious and ethnic hatred or other forms of discrimination, as well as the use of offensive names in relation to people or social groups, suggesting their public status, political and / or sexual orientation and beliefs.
  • 2.1g ▫ Promoting slogans and symbols related to regimes based on dictatorship, terror or hatred, such as fascism or nazism.
  • 2.1h ▫ Breaking the law, such as copyright and related rights, and promoting breaking the law, such as computer piracy.
  • 2.1i ▫ Containing open advertisements for products, services and the like, bringing profit to someone, both in the form of advertisements and commercial offers such as exchange, sale, purchase.
  • 2.1j ▫ Promoting stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or other intoxicants and addictions.
  • 2.1k ▫ Other controversial, violating the principles of modern life, generally recognized as morally reprehensible or socially inappropriate, e.g. provoking or stoking a hostile atmosphere.

2.2 • For the security and privacy of forum users, it is prohibited to make public private information such as:

  • 2.2a ▫ Login details, passwords and the like.
  • 2.2b ▫ Session numbers from forums and websites.
  • 2.2c ▫ The content of private messages from forums, games or instant messaging.

2.3 • It is forbidden to publish links such as:

  • 2.3a ▫ Links leading to sites that may be suspected of containing viruses, as well as all kinds of malicious scripts that make it difficult to use the forum or computer.
  • 2.3b ▫ Reference links to browser games and other similar links which give any form of profit to the user providing such link or other persons related to it.

2.4 • It is forbidden to place advertisements on other multiplayer platforms for Gothic.

  • 2.4a ▫ Publishing other types of advertisements requires the consent of the Administration.

2.5 • It is forbidden to post content that promotes the use of game bugs on a given server or other activities not permitted by the rules of a given server. 

2.6 • It is forbidden to post content that calls for breaking the forum rules.

2.7 • The user takes full responsibility for the content posted by him on the forum.

2.8 • The administration is not responsible for the content published by users, and even more so for the materials to which links posted by users may lead.

3. Conducting a Discussion
(Rules for creating new threads and writing in topics)

3.1 • When creating a new topic on the forum, the user is obliged to follow the following rules:

  • 3.1a ▫ Topics should be created in the appropriate section, corresponding to the topic created by the user. In choosing a section, short, yet concise descriptions under the name of each section may help. If you are still in doubt as to which department to choose, you can ask for advice from any member of the team.
  • 3.1b ▫ It is not allowed to create topics if in a given section there is already an open thread with the same topic or content, or solving a given problem. Therefore, before creating a new thread, please use the search module on the right side of the forum navigation bar.
  • 3.1c ▫ It is forbidden to create several identical threads on the forum, as it is treated as spam and is severely punished. Therefore, select one matching section, create a single thread there and wait patiently for a reply.
  • 3.1d ▫ The title of the topic should inform about its content. Therefore, one should avoid generalizations and try to convey what we have to say in a few words as accurately as possible. Here are some examples of titles to avoid: "Help !!!"; "I have a problem!"; "Suggestion of changes"; "I have a bug"; "Complaint!". Here are examples of well-written topic titles that tell you about the content of a thread: "Help, my topic is gone"; "Problem with uploading avatar"; "Proposed changes: Tutorials section".

3.2 • When posting on the forum, the user is obliged to comply with the following rules:

  • 3.2a ▫ The content of the posts cannot contain the forbidden content referred to in the second point.
  • 3.2b ▫ The user, when presenting his problem in the new topic he has established, should do it legibly and to the point, and when answering, he should not stray from the topic, because writing off the topic, commonly known as offtop, is forbidden and punished.
  • 3.2c ▫ The forum is free of speech and expression, so users have the right to contribute their opinion and constructive criticism to the discussion, however, it is forbidden to condemn and judge the opinions and tastes of other users.
  • 3.2d ▫ Avoid dealing with private matters in public, any matters requiring a specific person's response should be dealt with through private messages. Appeal on the forum is treated as a last resort in the event of inability to contact a given person for technical reasons or other reasons that prevent direct contact.
  • 3.2e ▫ It is forbidden to write posts one after the other, which is commonly known as double posting. If you want to add something to a previously written post, use the "Edit" option.
  • 3.2f ▫ It is forbidden to abuse the text formatting options, such as for example coloring, as these are tools designed to highlight important elements or make headlines visible, not to write entire posts. The exception to this rule are members of the team who have the right to use such actions in order to attract the attention of people who comment on a given topic.
  • 3.2g ▫ Users are forbidden to act as a kind of social moderator, which falls within the competence of the actual persons acting as the forum moderator. Therefore, comments like: "What a stupid thing! Let the moderator delete this topic" or "Why do you write another topic of the same kind, if one already exists?" . Such behavior will be punished by the team and punished just like any other offense, on a par with spamming and creating offtop. The only exception to this rule is when you write this type of comment under your constructive statement. [/b]
  • 3.2h ▫ It is forbidden to repeat the same text, letter or punctuation marks over and over again, which is commonly known as flooding, which is a different type of spam. Examples of such unwanted, blatant texts are: "plz plz plz"; "help"; "!!!!!!!!!!!!".
  • 3.2i ▫ It is forbidden to write comments that do not contribute to the discussion, consisting of only emoticons and / or single or few words such as "nonsense" "lol" and the like, as such posts are considered spam. Including such individual words in constructive statements is not a problem.
  • 3.2j ▫ It is forbidden to include rapid and flashing graphics in posts (except for offtop section).
  • 3.2k ▫ The forum language is Polish and only this language should be used when communicating with other users on the forum. Other languages, such as English, can be used to present the names of movies, series, games and the like or individual sentences in a signature or quotes.
  • 3.2l ▫ Observe the rules of spelling and punctuation. It is forbidden to use jargon that would damage the Polish language in any way. When in doubt about the correct spelling of specific words, the internet offers a whole range of spelling dictionaries, spelling checker sites, as well as the correct placement of commas.
  • 3.2m ▫ It is forbidden to quote vulgar, offensive or in any other way breaking the regulations. It is also not allowed to create pyramids from quotes. When quoting, you should limit yourself to one specific fragment of the statement to which you are referring.

3.3 • Users are required to report topics, posts and private messages that violate the forum rules in any way using the "Report" option. It is forbidden to abuse this option for no apparent reason.

4. Avatars
(Their content)

4.1 • The avatar of a forum user must meet the following criteria:

  • 4.1a ▫ It is forbidden to include in the avatar the prohibited content mentioned in the second point.


4.2 • The administration has the right to remove illegal avatars and impose penalties for publishing them.

5. User Account
(Account Usage Policy)

5.1 • An account on the forum from the moment of registration may be used only by its owner. Account sharing may lead to their blocking by the Administration.

  • 5.1a ▫ It is forbidden to trade and exchange forum accounts.

5.2 • It is forbidden to create new accounts if the user is punished by temporary or permanent blocking of the account.

5.3 • It is forbidden to use another user's account while serving a time penalty or permanently blocking one's own account.

5.4 • It is forbidden to set up accounts and use the forum through intermediary servers and their derivatives, such as proxy servers, open proxies or anonymizing servers. 

  • 5.4a ▫ An exception to this rule is when the ISP uses a forced proxy server. Such fact should be immediately reported to the Administration to avoid misunderstandings.

5.5 • The use of temporary e-mail addresses, so-called payday loans, is prohibited.

5.6 • Each user has the right to request the deletion of his account on the forum. In such a situation, please send a message to the Administrator and provide the reason behind the request to delete the account.

5.7 • Users who hack into the accounts of other forum users will be severely penalized and, as a last resort, the appropriate investigative body may also be notified.

6. Penalty system
(Rules for imposing penalties for non-compliance by users with the forum regulations)

6.1 • Penalties are based primarily on this penalty system.

  • 6.1a ▫ The penalties system applies equally to all forum users, referred to in point 1.1.
  • 6.1b ▫ Penalties for forum users can be imposed by any member of the Gothic 2 Online Team.
  • 6.1c ▫ Penalties to team members may be imposed only by the Administrator.

6.2 • The administration has a tool integrated with the forum, used to issue warnings for breaking the regulations. Each user can only see his list of warnings.

  • 6.2a ▫ The lightest possible penalty is the warning points given to the user, and the heaviest are the permanent blocking of the account.
  • 6.2b ▫ The validity period of a given alert is determined by the person who issued it, but it cannot exceed a period of two months (the exception is a permanent blockade of an account).
  • 6.2c ▫ The number of warnings is added up in the event of breaking several points of the regulations in one post, which increases its harmfulness. Thus, if the user has broken more than one point of the regulations, he will receive a number of warning points appropriate to his harmfulness.
  • 6.2d ▫ The maximum number of warning points a user can receive before being blocked from freely publishing posts is 2 (20%).
  • 6.2e▫ The maximum number of warning points that a user can receive before the account is temporarily blocked is 4 (40%). Receiving the 10th point (100%) is tantamount to receiving a permanent ban on your account.
  • 6.2f ▫ Attempts to bypass the account blockade while the user is serving a penalty will be the basis for granting a permanent ban.

6.3 • Breaking the regulations depending on the degree of harmfulness is associated with the following repercussions:

  • 6.3a ▫ Users who publish illegal content on the forum will receive a number of warning points appropriate to the level of harmfulness of their act, and the illegal content published by them will be immediately removed from the forum.

6.4 • Illegal content contained in forum users' avatars will be immediately removed by the team, and users will be informed of such action, receiving a number of warning points appropriate to the level of harmfulness.

6.5 • The color of annotations written by Administrators is red, and the color of annotations written by the rest of the team - green.

  • 6.5a ▫ Users are forbidden to use the above-mentioned colors in their statements.
  • 6.5b ▫ Users are forbidden to reply to an annotation added by a team member. If you have any objections to the penalty received by the user, please contact the person responsible for issuing it.
  • 6.5c ▫ Users are not allowed to delete annotations added by Team members.


Final Provision
Both acting to the detriment of the Gothic 2 Online project and copyright infringement
will result in permanent banishment.
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