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Server Regulations


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Before setting up your own Gothic 2 Online server, every owner is obliged to get familiar with the rules and obey them. The regulations, to a limited extent, also apply to any other user of the platform. The reason for this is that we sincerely care about the quality of Your gameplay. This is going to make both, Your work and Your players' gameplay easier, so that you'll be able to enjoy the development of Your server and the time spent there.


1. General provisions
(General information regarding the obligation to obey the servers' rules)

1.1 • These rules apply to every owner of a server (and his team, and, to a limited extent, also apply to any other user) on the Gothic 2 Online platform.

1.2 • These regulations are owned by the Gothic 2 Online project.

  • 1.2a ▫ The administration of the project is allowed to change the content of these regulations at any time.
  • 1.2b ▫ The administration is not obliged to inform (all) the users about every change in the content of the rules.

1.3 • It is prohibited to copy and share these rules outside of the Gothic 2 Online website: https://gothic-online.com.pl/

1.4 • Disobeying the rules will be punished by the platform staff based on the punishment system.

  • 1.4a ▫ The punishment system is described in details in the point 2.1. 

1.5 • The Gothic 2 Online team is not responsible for the content in the server packs and the programs required to play on the server. Full responsibility for this content (as well as all kinds of organized contests, auctions, server payments, itemshop) is borne by the owners of certain projects.

1.6 • The "Gothic" brand is owned by THQ Nordic. The G2O team uses it for non-commercial purposes only, and THQ Nordic is aware of and permits the existence of the platform itself.



2. Penalty system
(list of prohibited activities)

2.1 • The G2O team is allowed to delete servers from the public server list if the owner or his team happen to break any of the platform's rules.

  • 2.1a ▫ Public incitement to hatred, slander, publicizing detailed personal data, photos, telephone numbers, impersonating other creators (or their associates), unauthorised usage of programms, engines, server names, assets and apps based on a paid license/subsripction (or if the author does not want You to use them), deliberate, using illicit programms, organizing attacks on Discord servers, forums and widely understood bugging on opposig servers will be especially punished.
  • 2.1b ▫ In the situation of an attempt to assert one's rights regarding unauthorized use of programs, engines, server names, assets and applications, it is required to present irrefutable evidence indicating the authorship of the above-mentioned elements, or in the case of group work, evidence clearly indicating to whom the work performed belongs to (e.g. whether it belongs to the author or to the project within which he/she is involved). Therefore, we strongly encourage you to establish such facts at the very beginning of cooperation (and, in case of fear of theft or abuse, collect evidence in your favor), because unclear, complex situations will not be considered by the G2O Team.
  • 2.1c ▫ It is forbidden to use profanity in the name of the server and its description (the subsection applies only to the official list of servers).
  • 2.1d ▫ If You don't agree with our decision, You may contact us with an appeal via e-mail: [email protected].
  • 2.1e ▫ the presence of a server on the list "Favourite" does not exempt its team from the list of platform regulations.

2.2 • The G2O team reserves the right to block users on all levels of the platform, if the user is repeatedly reported to the team, or shows other, reprehensible behavior related to the condemned actions listed in point 2.1a.

2.3 • The autor sharing resources on website devoted to programming resources
(and in the appropriate forum section) must take into account the loss of right to withdraw a given entity from use (unless he stipulates otherwise when publishing it, e.g. only temporarily permits its use) and the possibility of using the given entity for advertising purposes or guides by the Gothic 2 Online Team. If the publisher is not the author of the resource, he must take into account the consequences of sharing it.



3. Server funding
(Rules regarding applications for fudings)

3.1 • The Gothic 2 Online platform is eager to support the owners of interesting projects by paying for the first month (and in special cases - for a longer time) of the VPS server (depending on the amount, until further notice).

  • 3.1a ▫ In order to participate in that campaign, please send Your application to: [email protected].
  • 3.1b ▫ There is no pattern for the applications. Their lenght won't affect the final decision, however, "two-sentences-long" applications won't be looked into.
  • 3.1c ▫ We will especially consider the owner's behaviour, his reputation and his ideas for the server.
  • 3.1d ▫ It is advisable to attach screenshots of the script, addon or the map.

3.2 • A server that has successfully applied for the funding will also be promoted on the Facebook fanpage of the platform, may become a platform's partner and can also be mentioned in various promotional materials.



Final provision
Disobeying these rules can result in the server being deleted from the official list.
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