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[Default][Client] ArmorParts


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NOTE: This module is installed by default in g2o client directly.
NOTE: Armor parts aren’t synced by default, you have to write your own sync code.

This project is just a port of union plugin called zImprovedArmor.
It allows to create armors that won’t replace the original npc body model, but rather add additional model (soft skin) that will be displayed on top of it.
The main reason why this module was created is to provide this feature without the need to install Union.
More info about the original plugin, sample scripts and models can be found in
this topic.

Project links:
- Repository
- Download

Singleplayer Support

The module can also be used as a singleplayer dll, in order to compile the daedalus scripts that are using defined externals in the module. You can find their implementation in Externals.cpp.
You can load the module using System Pack, Union or ASI Loader.

Below is the declaration list of defined externals by the plugin:

void Mdl_ApplySoftSkinItem (var C_Npc self, var int itemInstance)
void Mdl_RemoveSoftSkinItem (var C_Npc self, var int itemInstance)
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