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Languages.vdf is a collection of default Gothic 2 NoTR .TEX & .FNT for different language types.
The archive currently supports the following languages:

  • English - EN

  • Polish - PL

  • Russian - RU

  • German – DE

Default font names for Gothic 2 NoTR are:

  • Font_10_Book.tga

  • Font_10_Book_Hi.tga

  • Font_20_Book.tga

  • Font_20_Book_Hi.tga

  • Font_Default.tga

  • Font_Old_10_White.tga

  • Font_Old_10_White_Hi.tga

  • Font_Old_20_White.tga

  • Font_Old_20_White_Hi.tga

The naming pattern for different language fonts is:

All of the languages that listed here are also supported by the g2o modifcation.

Project links:
- Download

G2O Language Support

Gothic 2 Online Scripting API allows to interact with user input by specifying the keyboard layout.
The list of the keyboard layout can be found here. By default, the inital layout is set to english.

Here’s the complete list of scripting functions that are used to work with user input:

It’s also possible to add support for other languages by overloading existing functions and adding a new keyboard support for specific language(s) in squirrel.

Overloading squirrel functions example

local currentLayout = 0
getKeyLayout = function()
	return currentLayout

local _setKeyLayout = setKeyLayout
setKeyLayout = function(layout)
	if (layout < 0 || layout > 4)

	currentLayout = layout

local _getKeyLetter = getKeyLetter
getKeyLetter = function(key)
	if (currentLayout < 4)
		return _getKeyLetter(key)

  // your implementation of key mappings for other langs
  // this example adds another language in id 4,
  // but you can always modify it and add more than one additional lang.
  // Anyway, this is everything that you must do for G2O, to support more keyboard layouts.


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