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Merry Christmas!
[Image: 2MKppf8.jpg]
Dear users,
The Gothic 2 Online team would like to wish You, Your families and relatives that you spend this year's holidays with the greatest happiness and joy. That, despite the hardships, You may experience them in a wonderful atmosphere. We also wish You that the coming year will be a year full of interesting servers that will join players, not divide them. We hope 2021 will be a year of new events and changes within the platform - hopefully for the better. We wish You, as a community, to live in harmony, without unnecessary quarrels and digging holes under each other. We would like all of You to have the opportunity to enjoy moments that will remain in your memory for longer.

This and more, from the entire Gothic 2 Online team,
Merry Christmas!
[Image: 3Z9NGRh.png]

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